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Hack World of tanks

Out of curiosity, I also downloaded World of tanks hack for a computer. Yes, to see how the two versions differ. And I must admit that what I saw is crying out for heaven. It would seem logical that the PC WoT would be exactly the same, and maybe even a tad nicer than the younger brothers. However, it is exactly the opposite.
Even at the highest graphic settings, the title looks like it has stopped in development in 2009 – the models are nasty, there is no advanced physics, and in addition, it lacks many maps available on consoles. Another absentee on PC is presented on the screenshots in the gallery minigierka.
In my humble opinion World of tanks Hack, if WoT hack wants to be maintained as an e-sport discipline, then tournaments must start running on Xbox or PlayStation, otherwise Wargaming will fall out of this race.
If you are the type of player who hates the popular Tanks on computers, there is a good chance that contact with console versions will change your mind about the whole game. With the pad in hand, the fun is much nicer, and the program itself is much better than on tin bars.

Hack World of tanks Download

World of Tanks Hack
To enrich the gameplay World of tanks Hack and additionally drive the entire free-to-play system, each vehicle must be unlocked first. This can only be done by carrying out technological research, for which we spend the gained experience. In order to get another machine, you must first improve the one that is currently the most advanced in the line, so that the game system will unlock the opportunity to explore its new generation. As befits a free game, we can simply buy experience and get around all the unnecessary grind Hack World of Tanks.

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