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Hack Minecraft

As if someone did not know, Minecraft Hack is a game created by one man who is called Markus „Notch” Persson. At first glance, the graphics look ugly, but you can get used to it. Play as a miner and builder at the same time, who walks, collects raw materials, creates and builds a variety of constructions. The game itself does not impose any task, so it is a total sandbox in which a world with an area over 4 times larger than our Earth is generated randomly when we approach the edge of the map. And what is this world made of? With cubes with a side of 1 meter. Yes, seriously These blocks are of different types (wood, sand, stone, earth, glass, water, lava). The game has an unusual physics, because when, for example, we pour out water, or lava, this block does not move,it only copies down (if it is empty) or spills from side to side. By extracting different blocks and combining them in the right way, you can create tools, objects, weapons and armor. Why weapons and armor? And in order to protect yourself. During the day, animals (sheep, cows, pigs, chickens) are on the surface, while at night (as well as in dark caves) monsters appear that want to „only” deprive us of life. In randomly generated caves, minerals (coal, iron, gold, diamonds) often appear on the walls, which are almost indispensable to produce the majority of „advanced” items. Traveling around the world can be on foot, by boat or by train (wagon is a railway track). there Hack Minecraft in addition to the singleplayer mode, multiplayer mode, in which you can pretty much do everything the same as in single mode.

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